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Das Triadische Ballet

A film in three parts after Oskar Schlemmer’s dances.

Book and Choreography: Margarete Hasting, Franz Schömbs, Georg Verden.
Rehearsal: Hannes Winkler.
Reconstruction of the costumes: Margit Bárdy.
Art Consulting: Ludwig Grote, Xanti Schawinsky, Tut Schlemmer.
Dancers: Edith Demharter, Ralph Smolik, Hannes Winkler.
Music: Erich Ferstl.
Camera: Kurt Gewissen.
Cut: Johannes Nickel.
Production Director: Helmut Amann.
Production: Gottfried Just.

This is a behind the scenes video of an editorial shot by Frederico Martins for Dsection Magazine featuring top models Luis Borges and Kim Kraglund. In it Frederico shows all the technical specs to achieve the striking look of his images